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what can i say, dr. monsalve? that's serious. but you politicians know well what to say in these cases. that your adversaries are plotting against you, and the enemies of the country, that kind of thing. how did they get to that? through carrasquilla. carrasquilla helped me out. they know he had ties with you, they just tied the knots. and pantalla is linked to you too. yes, he called me. monsalve, what do you want? listen, i know colmenares, he's just into numbers. he won't stand the pressure of another interrogation. he'll end up confessing and messing me up. senator, do you want me to...? damn politicians... do me that favor, okay?
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que aquƭ viene el chipotle chicken & cheese -- el featured five dollar footlong de enero. ipruƩbalo en tostadito flatbread con salsa chipotle southwest ahumada! el featured five dollar footlong del mes. solo en enero. subway. come sabroso y fresco.
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making the big romantic gesture. that's powerful. verizon. get a nokia lumia 822 in red for free.
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